Hardwood Flooring Installing Charlotte NC

Wood Flooring Installation

Different Types of Installation

The type of installation and materials your home needs is determined by your home being on a concrete slab or having a plywood subfloor. The two main ways of installing are referred to as a nailed down or a glued down installation. Each are effective and have their own unique qualities that make them particular to the type of subfloor you're installing on top of.

Installing on a Concrete Slab

When you're installing on a concrete slab, you generally glue your product to the subfloor and use engineered wood. Some people may think gluing your hardwoods is insufficient. With today's technology this really isn't the case. Gluing your floor can be just as reliable and sturdy (if not more) than a nailed down installation. The adhesive used in our installations is an environmentally friendly moisture barring glue. It holds your hardwoods in place while at the same time expanding and contracting with the warming and cooling of the seasons.

Installing on a Subfloor

Installing hardwoods on a plywood subfloor is a nailed down process. Between the tongue and groove, nails are driven through the board into your plywood locking it into place. Between your hardwoods and subfloor we use a layer of felt paper which acts as a moisture barrier and helps reduce squeaks.

Before doing either type of installation there are a few things Queen City Hardwoods like's to check. Making sure your subfloor is level is an important step to ensure the structural integrity of your installation. Also checking moisture levels is a common practice to make sure the wood and subfloor are properly acclimated to one another. With high standards and professionals that are proud of their work, we offer a remarkable finished product that will last a lifetime.