Our Process

Onsite Estimate

Queen City Hardwoods proudly offers free onsite estimates. Our estimate process helps us determine the exact materials and labor needed to provide you with a turn key job. Giving the homeowner time to meet face to face with one of our experienced professionals makes the job more personable and provides the opportunity to get to know one another. Why spend time traveling to a showroom when we bring samples right to your door. Our goal is to make your new project less of a hassle and more of a convenient one stop shop!

Scheduling the Job

After taking the time to choose your estimate you may be ready to get the job done. With a quick phone call you are able to check our available dates and see what time will work best for you. The next step is signing a contract geared specifically towards your job. This contract states the start and stop date of your job along with many other necessary key points. After we have received your signed contract we are able to secure your dates and order the material for your job. Providing us with the best number to reach you allows us to communicate clearly throughout the process ensuring the best results.

Before we Begin

No matter what type of service we are performing in your home there is always preparation before the commencement of our work. QCH will not be responsible for furniture removal or resetting. All furniture items must be cleared from the installation or refinishing area providing us with a clean and prepped work environment. QCH recommends hanging plastic over any valuable items such as tv's or paintings that may be susceptible to dust damage even after being cleared from the area. QCH will provide plastic for covering things like kitchen cabinets, air vents and door ways to reduce the amount of dust throughout your home. On jobsites where there is other construction being performed it is imperative that all other dirt and contaminate producing activities be halted. QCH will not be responsible for damaged finishes if this measure has not been taken. In addition, It is the customers responsibility to remove and reset doors in the workspace to ensure they are hung in the proper doorway. Taking time to complete these simple things will improve the quality of your installation and ensure the results your are looking for.

Material Acclimatization

Making sure the material being installed is acclimated correctly is imperative. Acclimation gives the new product time to adjust to the moisture and humidity content in your home. Without this, your new installation faces disaster. After a few weeks of being installed the moisture in your subfloor will reach your new floors affecting not only the look but the structural integrity. With Queen City Hardwoods on the job, your new floors will always be properly acclimated giving you one less thing to worry about.

Clean Up

QCH takes pride in performing quality finishes and installations. Part of our process in providing this for our customers is making sure to leave our workspace as clean as possible. All horizontal surfaces in the work area will be left broom clean. Even after our efforts to minimize dust and clean the area once finished it is still inevitable for there to be some lingering dust. Any trash or leftover materials will be removed by QCH the final day of the job or soon after. Our customers should be prepared to do minor touch up painting after our work is completed. We strive to be as careful as possible and sometimes accidents happen.