Laminate Flooring Installation

Are you trying to achieve the look of hardwoods but it's just too expensive? Laminate flooring is an inexpensive alternative that can help you attain the look you're going for. No matter what species of hardwoods you are interested in, there is more than likely a laminate product that closely resembles that beautiful style. With today's innovative technology, the laminate's being produced are sturdy and built to last.

To provide you with the structural integrity your floor needs, laminate flooring uses multiple layers of fiber board fused together by melamine resin. This creates a solid foundation for the photographic appliqué layer that rest on top resembling your hardwoods. Most laminates are installed and stay in place using a uni-lock system. Laminate floors with the uni-lock system are laid down with a floated installation. This type of process allows gravity to do its job holding your new laminate floor in place. With a small foam layer under your laminates they are a pleasure to walk on and are easier on the knees than traditional hardwoods. From this foam layer, your floors also provide a sound dampening quality and the moisture barrier necessary for keeping your laminates dry.

With Queen City Hardwoods on the job, your new laminates can be installed and ready to walk on within one day. This makes for a swift and effortless hassle free job that can be completed while you're simply gone at work. Come home after that long hard day to your beautiful new floors knowing that you and your home are in good hands.